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North Texas Baggage Solutions (NTBS) is one of the major suppliers of test materials to the baggage handling industry. In an environment that is very unforgiving, where luggage and materials are rushed through a futuristic maze of conveyors at break-neck speed, we are doing our part to ensure materials reach their destination on time… every time!

Doing our part to ensure materials reach their destination on time!”

Without thorough and complete testing of complex conveyor delivery systems, backlogs and baggage jams can bring businesses like airline travel to its knees.  NTBS works to help ensure this doesn’t happen, by supplying the proper materials for high-speed conveyor systems testing.

The line of products which are offered by NTBS are economical, dependable, designed stressing quality and reliability. Emphasis is placed on standardized, modular design and construction. Our accurate, repeatable manufacturing procedures ensure that past, present, or future products can be combined to function together to provide a superior and lasting product.

If you are in need of test luggage and baggage, as well as a host of other shapes, sizes and types of conveyor delivery system testing materials, please contact us for a personal consultation by clicking here.