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Luggage (Baggage) Supplier:

Labeled Baggage & LuggageNTBS provides a variety of luggage and baggage to thoroughly and completely test any baggage handling system. We can provide: various sized luggage, duffels, golf bags, pet carriers, water coolers, gun cases, wake board cases, ski bags and other odd size materials. Each item can be marked, numbered and weighed to your custom specifications.

Odd Size Materials:

Weighted Gun CasesNTBS is your one-stop shop resource for odd shaped luggage. We will assemble fake gun racks, special weighted coolers, golf bags, duffels and pet carriers to test any baggage handling system.


Alarm Detection:

Alarm PlatesNTBS can provide laser cut numbered metal plates, block of SBR (tire rubber) mounted on 3/4″ plywood base for all your baggage handling system testing.


Baggage Labeling:

Alarm Bags/Shipping ServicesNTBS can coordinate, order, mark, label, weigh, package, make pallet ready, ship, deliver your custom order to any location in a timely fashion as to be ready for all your baggage handling system testing.


Baggage Shipping Services:

Pallet Ready/Local TestingNTBS has a team of US employees who can assemble all of your testing materials to your weight and specifications. All items are pallet ready, wrapped and shipped to your testing site so you don’t have to worry about assembly or processing prior to your baggage handling system testing.

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