Case Study – Western Industrial Contractors (WIC)

NTCS' Testing at Denver International Airport

Western Industrial Contractors (WIC) contacted NTCS/NTBS for a request of 100 new test bags filled and ready for testing and a unique request for 16,000 lbs. of weighted material that could be used on newly installed carousels at Denver International Airport. WIC, through their connections in the conveyor industry, learned of our experienced ability to meet the needs on test materials and test deadlines for airport conveyor systems at airport facilities through North America and Canada.

As with most orders, deadlines were set and NTCS/NTBS immediately got in touch with a free weight company and had the 16,000 lbs. delivered with free shipping to WIC. The weights were 2 1/2, 5, 10, 25, and 50 lb. sizes. These proved exceptional because the various combinations of weights could be used on the carousels. Not only did the deadline get met, but the baggage and weights exceeded their expectations.